We are currently in the process of putting together a portfolio page of the cars and bikes we have printed. Hopefully, it will be up in the next week or so.

Also, BIG prints will have its own FAQ's page in the near future. Since this product is fairly new, we are still gathering questions.

If you're thinking of having a BIG print made, but you don't have good shot of your car and/or bike, photography services are available through Customfish.com. Email us for more information.

Whether you own a one of kind motorcycle or an awesome looking car, there's a lot of pride that goes into owning and maintaining your dream machine. At Customfish.com, we are bringing the love of your life off the road and onto the walls of your garage, rec room, and office.

Let us take the photo of your car or bike and enlarge it to a *48" x 60" vinyl print. Why not show off your "baby" all year round?

*A standard 48" x 60" BIG print costs $150.00 each. Price will change if customization is required for the print.

Coming Soon!

Email: trophyprints@customfish.com
Phone: (630) 632-6980
If you are an exhibitor at car and bike shows, a BIG print is perfect for you. We produce our prints on a smooth 10 oz. vinyl which gives you the durability and reliability you need when travelling to shows. The vinyl won't tear or wrinkle and the smooth surface allows for maximum detail with the highest resolution. If you are not always able to bring your whole collection of cars and bikes to the shows, bring a BIG print. It's as good as the real thing there.

We have full design and graphics capabilities. You can add anything to your print, such as copy and different shots of your car or bike. Also, we can print on other substrates besides vinyl, such as styrene. If your print requires something more than just a trimmed edge, custom finishing is available. Call or email us for more details.

Want to take your customized print one step further? Try a special effects shot. We can give your print a one of kind look. Going for the old school feel? Get a print in sepia tone. Feeling your artistic side? Get a print in watercolor effect. Contact us to see what other special effects are available for your BIG print.

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